International Integration Bond (IIB) is an unify worldwide social reformation platform owing to area wise psycho-socio-economy transformation continuously. It is very simple and friendly to make chain by same professional people or base on various fields of society in own locality. One may spontaneously help to other as per own potentiality related to psycho-physical-economy. Accordingly one gets from other to fulfill own scarcity. It would help continuously to reduce worldwide hostility,violence and poverty through motivation,system,process and technology. If one does not want to give, does not want to get.



My dear world people,


 I pay my hearty respect and gratitude to all of you and welcome you to exchange my thought. I would like to draw your attention about International Integration Bond (Existentialism) a common social reformation platform among world people , which will be guide the world people in normal discipline way for achieve the actual human motto in their life time. This is a non-violence device and we can implement it without any strike, bondh, losses of time, losses of production, productivity, blood shed, ghero, creating  widows & orphans, disturbing to any community, race ,creed, religion ,country and state, but base on perpetual truth & moral responsibility way to make world  prosperous,peace & happy.


 International Integration Bond is a platform to integrate the world people, simultaneously integrate between country & country, race & race, community & community, poor & rich, laborer & entrepreneur, people & leader .

This is the time to analyze the past, present & future social, political, religion & economical scenario of world & future destination of human stake, then think about its solution & analyze about the International Integration Bond, a latest social reformation system comply with existing governance system of all the countries of the world to make violence free human civilization . So it is a spontaneous moral responsibility for every one to wipe out the fictitious concept from every stage & every field in social life. 


International Integration Bond’s mission is to integrate the world people for enjoy real social life; and facilitate people for self realization, right & duty, and to balance the socio-economy of human stake to make a distinctiveness, liberty, trust, integrate, prosperous, peace and happy world.


We would discuss about the requirements of International Integration Bond in our worldwide society  without taking reference of historical evidence or current statistic for avoiding confrontation, but base on factual pilling later on.


With regards              

Madhu Sudana Parida


International Integration Bond(IIB)