International Integration Bond (IIB) is an unify worldwide social reformation platform owing to area wise psycho-socio-economy transformation continuously. It is very simple and friendly to make chain by same professional people or base on various fields of society in own locality. One may spontaneously help to other as per own potentiality related to psycho-physical-economy. Accordingly one gets from other to fulfill own scarcity. It would help continuously to reduce worldwide hostility,violence and poverty through motivation,system,process and technology. If one does not want to give, does not want to get.


1-Kindly find out root causes and permanent remedy of worldwide war, hostility, civil war, political clash, communal riot, terrorism, exploitation, corruption and weapons competitions.

2-“Unseen natural Calamity” is root cause of worldwide poverty and violence.

3- “Unseen natural calamity” has been haunting to human civilization since ancient age.

May find the hallucination act of "Unseen Natural Calamity" upon human civilization seem as real through below portray .



Other form of Unseen Natural calamity -

Seem as real form of "Unseen natural calamity" and what is happening in worldwide society - 

4-What is “unseen natural calamity”?

Animosity, brutality, foolishness ,negative intelligent,less philanthropist worldwide leadership ,incredible and dominance diplomacy among governance people and less perpetual religion conception among all communities people are mainly soft form of unseen natural calamity

These are called ignorance.

5-Invading started in imperialism era by “Unseen natural calamity”.

6-Leaders motivated people to become patriot and martyr.

7-Billion and billion people sacrificed own existence, wealth, time and labor for conquered land, water, sky, minerals, country boundary, defeating to other in name of patriot and martyr.

8-But sacrificed people are being deprived to amuse own existence, time, wealth, labor, land, water, sky, minerals and country boundary etc.

9-Again freedom revolution started and people sacrificed own existence for freedom, country boundary, own people government, natural resources, justice, equality and liberty in 1700 century onward.

10-Patriot and martyr concept was required due to contemporary situation as well as developed up higher consciousness among worldwide that time governing people.

11-We (world people) should also respect to our past and present patriot and martyr due to contemporary situation.

12-Reality is:-

God has created natural resources for being and becoming.

13-Sovereignty concept came to human civilization. 

14- Then also patriot, martyr and weapons competitions thoughts are neither erased nor dilute from world people’s mind due to less philanthropist  & existentialism thought leadership among worldwide Governing people.

15-Terrorism thought evolved, and terrorists are sacrificing own existence for dominating to others or acquire natural resources or governance or new country boundary or social chaos or any other causes, and  creating worldwide unnatural death, widows, orphans, panic, disables and destroying resources.

16-That means unseen natural calamity dancing in human civilization by changing face age to age, and war, civil war, hostility, violence, domestic violence, communal riot, political conflict, weapons competitions and terrorism is continuing in human civilization.

17-It is true that sacrifice own God gifted existence in term of patriot or martyr or terrorism is not refined human civilization tends.

A-Terrorists are -common people

B-Soldiers are –Common people

C-Police are-Common people

D-Civilian (common people) are dying in any violence 

E-Common people are inviting own death and poverty due to unseen natural calamity means ignorance ,disintegrated and less philanthropist leadership among worldwide governing people and worldwide communities’ leaders.

F-But God will for us is “Life and Growth”.

18-    Worldwide common people are disintegrated due to less “Life and Growth” and "Existentialism" conception and sentimental community, political party,caste,creed,country boundary thought ,and easily trapped by exploitation, manipulation, corruption,humiliation,torture ,dealth,disable,riot,war,civil war  inside and outside the country.

19-What is the solution to face unseen natural calamity?

It is challenge for worldwide positive intelligent among teachers, preachers, social reformers and governing people to resist unseen natural calamity trapping continuously.

20- Living Ideal of all worldwide communities preached about unseen natural calamity and given remedy in “Holy Books”, how to get ride from grasp of unseen natural calamity.

21-We pray to God

Faith upon God

Love to God

Depend to God

Need blessing from God

But we are doing reverse of God practically.

22-Now “Existentialism” thought evolved in human civilization, because we (world people) are going to having higher consciousness. May find details of “Existentialism” in book –ISBN- 978-3-659-34213-4


24-Reality is:-


25-Self realization



26- Due to sentimental social concepts, what are happening?


27-Introduce “Existentialism” in all worldwide social concepts. Common people would spontaneously refuse to become victim in name of sentimental country boundary, political party, community, race, creed, terrorism and arise conception among world people about “life and growth” in below way.

1-    I want existence, being and becoming.

2-     I want existence, not become victim for any social concepts.

3-     I want own land on the earth.

4-     I want country boundary for recognition and Ideal governance.

5-     I need community for co-operation and interdependent.

6-     I need religion to know eternal knowledge.

7-      I need race and creed for perpetual custom, rituals and ethics.

8-      I want justice, equality and liberty and know duty.

9-      I  want own language, and respect to other language.

10-     I need harmony, peace and integration.

11-     I need education and own profession.

12-     I need own property along with country prosperity.

13-     I am patriot for keeping harmony, integration, peace and sustainable development of own country.

28-We (world people) can easily get ride from unseen natural calamity trapped like-war, civil war,hostility,communal riot, political clash, weapons competitions and terrorism through a simple system following to “Holy Books” of all communities i.e. “International Integration Bond”

Find the concept through link-

International Integration Bond(IIB)

29-Boundary of all country is fixed and constant now, therefore no need of military system only police system can maintain law and order situation throughout the world, when we (world people) start integration among us. Slowly patriot, martyr and terrorism thought would be wiped out from our (world people) mind and changing face of unseen natural calamity will be exposed.

30-Instill interdependent is independent concept among worldwide common people for liberty, justice, equality, characteristics, prosperity and happy living by making socio-economy chain in every field from village level to international level is

“International Integration Bond”

Find the concept through link-

Simple way to fulfill more own interest


31-Motivate people to join any of social committee like- amicable, education, small industry,cultivation,communication,vocational training, woman education, health etc. in their locality for get ride from foolishness, social participation, fulfill more own and collective interest and good Governance.    

32-My dears, you are requested kindly share this article to yours nears, dears and known organizations is one of great “Holy work” in your existing life.


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