International Integration Bond (IIB) is an unify worldwide social reformation platform owing to area wise psycho-socio-economy transformation continuously. It is very simple and friendly to make chain by same professional people or base on various fields of society in own locality. One may spontaneously help to other as per own potentiality related to psycho-physical-economy. Accordingly one gets from other to fulfill own scarcity. It would help continuously to reduce worldwide hostility,violence and poverty through motivation,system,process and technology. If one does not want to give, does not want to get.


                                                           Sustainable development platform

Measuring unit of sustainable development is how much poverty and violence is being reduced in worldwide society.

1-Machineries for continuous reduce of worldwide poverty and violence are  mainly Government, preachers, teachers, students, NGO, professional/social committees, common people,writers,mother,media,movie producers, system, process and technology etc..

2-Evolutionary all above machineries try to reduce poverty and violence owing to contemporary psycho-socio-economy situation. But what are the lacunas of machineries for which worldwide war, weapons competitions, hostility, civil war, political clash, communal riot, poverty and unbalance ecology are prevailing in worldwide society and hampering sustainable development.

Past positive intelligent in every field of worldwide society felt the impact of hallucination or fictitious or less humanity in various social concepts and reformation done like-

a -Imperialism and monarchy social concept were reformed to – Democracy and communism. It is stop invading concept.

b- Consciousness in form of humanity was implemented in social concepts, and shown higher humanity like – stop slave system, untouchability,black and white intolerance, Landlord system,twelve hours duty of laborers, chaste combustion(Sati Pratha) etc.

c- In current age also some fictitious trapping to worldwide social concepts, worldwide positive intelligent moral duty to reform those and keep sustainable development and peace. May analysis the impact of fictitious thought in worldwide social concepts?


A-Latest governance systems like democracy and communism are standing for establishes justice, liberty, equality, characteristics, prosperity and peace.

B-But due to unrefined political party system people are become sentimental political party supporters for mainly subsistence, and creating violence, social chaos, unnatural widows,orphans,unnaccesary judiciary,disable,destroying infrastructure etc.

Find the solution through link–   or (Topic- Ideal political party and ideal government.)

C-Worldwide Governments introduce various welfare schemes, laws and technology for physic-socio-economy development of people, but due to lack of participation of people and corruption various scheme are not functioning properly.

Find the solution through link –    International Integration Bond(IIB)

D-UN stands for making amicable any dispute among countries and keeping sustainable development and balance ecology of worldwide society, but due to less philanthropist and “Existentialism” thought leadership among worldwide governing people hostility is being prevailed among worldwide neighbor countries and weapons competitions and proxy wars are being continued, and maximum percentage of budget of world economy is being used for ammunition competitions. There is no faith each others among neighbor countries and it is great challenge for UN to stop hostility among worldwide neighbor countries.

Now worldwide intelligent should analysis the present psycho-socio-economy situation of world and save the common people to become victim for sentimental country boundary, political party, community, caste and creed etc in the name of sentimental patriot, martyr and terrorism.

Find the solution through link -Integration -  International Integration Bond(IIB)

b- “Existentialism”-   Existentialism

Find the “Existentialism” concept from book – ISBN- 978-3-659-34213-4


A-Worldwide preachers of all communities are preaching about “life and growth” of people, but due to lack of perpetual preaching of maximum preachers of all communities about eternal truth upon self and universe worldwide maximum people are become communal sentiment, foolish and some of us support to terrorism.”Existentialism” thought to be instilled among world people and people spontaneously refuse to become victim for any social concepts and spontaneously worldwide hostility will stop.

Find the solution through link – Real preacher and preaching

B-Million and million people are suffering from domestic violence or dispute, which one of cause to inspiring collective violence. Preachers of worldwide communities can reduce the domestic violence through consolation.

Find the solution through link - Reduce domestic violence dilute mass violence

5-Teachers –

A-Teachers of all academic are imparting students to make suitable profession owing to contemporary socio-economy situation. But due to lack of moral boosting or impulses maximum students are suffering from unemployment or frustration or become terrorist or doing unsocial activities.

Find the solution through link –  Character and Career

B-Think to introduce moral subject in academic study –

Find the theme of course of moral study-

C- Motivate students of all categories to take part in “Employee management system-

Find the theme of “Employee management system” -   Employment Movement


Encourage students for become more innovative as per theirs instinct and habit than getting only subsistence from current economical systems.



NGOs stand for psycho-physic-socio-economy develop of people. But less try to develop leadership of beneficiary people to help other by interdependent chain. It is one of great motivation to draw interdependent society.

Find the solution through link - NGO and general leadership


People are using own right for making Government or  compel to accept dictatorship and expect individual /collective nurture for “life and growth” .Overall development is being continued,But due to lack of integration among  country people/ world people and less percentage of people  participation in social streams being trapped by exploitation, manipulation, humiliation, corruption,hallucination and fictitious etc, and sacrifice own existence, time, wealth and labor for sentimental country boundary, political party, community, caste, creed and terrorism for which poverty and violence are imbibing to human civilization.

Find the solution through below link-   Simple way to fulfill more own interest

8- Mother –

Vital role of mother of worldwide society to reform foolishness and negative intelligent to become positive intelligent which would help to keep the sustainable development in worldwide society .May find the tricks through link Woman and Our Society

9- Authors/Writers

Authors/Writers in every subjects have vital role in worldwide society to refine hallucination thought of world people in contemporary era and blow a constructive thought on “life and growth” among world people. Find details through link  Constructive thought flow and writers role

10-Professional/social committees or forum-

Various professional or social committees are functioning for make easy transaction and improve the living standard of people, but due to fewer congregations among same category committees inside and outside the countries ,as a result people are become less benefited.

Find the solution through link - Invariable transformation of organization

11- Media -

Worldwide electronics and print media have vital role to accelerating sustainable development by highlighting reformation works of every machinery for blowing a “being and becoming” thought among world people along with draw integration atmosphere through out the world. Like above video. ,  Existentialism  and International Integration Bond(IIB) concept etc.

12- Movie's producers and directors -

Movie is culture of society in electronics form for entertainment and social reformation. Social reformation is connected to “Life and growth” .Therefore special movie to be produced on theme of “life and growth” in worldwide language by worldwide movie producers and directors for reduce poverty, violence and instill “existentialism” and “integration” thought among world people. Find the theme of  “Life and Growth”    through link     Or   Book ISBN 978-3-659-80527-1  

13- System, process and technology-

A-Refined system, process and technology are being introduced for giving exaltation and improve living standard of people. But worldwide some positive intelligent are being utilized for destroy to the creature by making ammunition and create unbalance ecology in the name of development.

Find the solution through link –   or (subject – weapons competition and governance system)


God has given intuition to know the law of nature for nurturing the creatures ,but due to less philanthropy and existentialism conscious in worldwide governing people ,intuition is being utilized towards ruin the creatures, is act against will of God .Now it is challenge for worldwide positive intelligent to face the ignorance of worldwide diplomacy.


Spontaneous act Then positive intelligent of every field of worldwide society any corner of world role to come forward to reform own field  for reduce poverty and violence , and spontaneously such act of reformation spread out to world is key of sustainable development. Such simple positive act towards human stake makes one to feel real happy, means feel GOD in existing life period which is the highest achievement of every one life and share this message to nears, dears and known organizations is great help of sustainable development movement.


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