International Integration Bond (IIB) is an unify worldwide social reformation platform owing to area wise psycho-socio-economy transformation continuously. It is very simple and friendly to make chain by same professional people or base on various fields of society in own locality. One may spontaneously help to other as per own potentiality related to psycho-physical-economy. Accordingly one gets from other to fulfill own scarcity. It would help continuously to reduce worldwide hostility,violence and poverty through motivation,system,process and technology. If one does not want to give, does not want to get.


Another intelligence role of NGO to improve leadership

NGO – Normal generosity offer for fulfill the “life and growth” is NGO.

Life- Consist of existence, consciousness, mind, various temperaments and anatomy.

Growth- Mental, physical ,social and financial development for achieve the purpose of born is growth. There are so many social concepts (education, government, industry, cultivation, custom, ethic, religion etc) are working for facilitate to improve mental, physical,social  and financial condition amongst people through out the world.NGO is one of them.

Purpose of born - To know about self and universe is purpose of born. The way which facilitate to know about the self and universe is religion. That means know about nature and natural laws is purpose of born.

Nature and natural law – Nature and natural law stand for nurturing and nourishing to existence. Consciousness stands to know about nature and natural activities for fulfill the existential needs directly and indirectly with best convenient way is knowledge. Implementation of knowledge is intelligence. Intelligence has two aspects one is attraction and other is repulsion.
Attraction intelligence means feel self happy and make other happy.
Repulsion intelligence means feel self unhappy and make other unhappy.
But less consciousness in mind is foolish, and foolish is fertile field for repulsion intelligence to create poverty, war, violence, massacre, riot.weapon competition, sentimental boundary, communal thought, dominance etc., who need help from world wide society to improve overall development. One symbol of attraction intelligence is NGO to help needy for overall development.

Role of various NGO- World wide NGO are working in various field of society (education, cultivation, social security, social justice, vocational training, financial aid, trading, cooperative society, self help, health and hygine, superstition, technology, communication, civilization etc.) for upliftment of living standard of people.

Vision of NGO - Overall development of needy people to establish humanity, justice,liberty,characteristics,equality,prosperity and happy living  is vision of any NGO.

Why such vision is framed? – Only for to feel self happy and make other happy in any corner of the world, reverse to above vision is self unhappy and make other unhappy. Then improve leadership amongst rehabilitated or grown up needy people to help other needy in same stream means in same field by making chain which make a global circle and vision of management will fulfill normally with excellence result.

How to improve leadership among rehabilitated or grown up needy people- By highlights the lacuna about non-interdependent amongst people and non-utilize of own potentiality and natural resources is key of improve leadership among people .Imparting topics or way are cited as follows through movie, video, or slide show in local language.

A - Natural resources within man (existence, consciousness, mind, various temperament and organ system) to fulfill own existential needs (micro mechanism of man written in “Holy Book” of all world wide communities) in scientific way.



B- Natural resources and its utilization.

Link- Movie on “life and growth” –


C- Strength of interdependent and current socio-economy scenario.

E- Owner of labor within one and its utilization and trading.

F- Communation, production, trading and living standard.

G- World society and communication.

H- Right for vote and selection of good people for government.

I - Imparting training in one subject as per interest.

J- Make chain among leaders (trainer and leading people) in concern subject.

Root level leadership in every field and its impact in society. When root level leaders of transformation in every field of society ( education,culitivation,social security, vocational training,trading,new technology,justice,right,anti corruption,superstition,health and hygine,industry,pollution etc.) will become chain regionally ,nationally and internationally ,its automatically reduce poverty,ignorance,war,violence and make a trust,integrated,prosperious and peace world.


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