International Integration Bond (IIB) is an unify worldwide social reformation platform owing to area wise psycho-socio-economy transformation continuously. It is very simple and friendly to make chain by same professional people or base on various fields of society in own locality. One may spontaneously help to other as per own potentiality related to psycho-physical-economy. Accordingly one gets from other to fulfill own scarcity. It would help continuously to reduce worldwide hostility,violence and poverty through motivation,system,process and technology. If one does not want to give, does not want to get.


Continuous excellence on organizational goal as well as social motto

Goal of organization-There are so many ideal ways to achieve the organizational goal .Every goal directly and indirectly connecting to fulfill the existential needs by utilizing man, natural resources, system, process and technology balancing with humanity, justice, liberty, ecology and peace.

Existential needs- Product and service of any organization or individual.

Action for continuous improvement on product and service- Introduce new system, process, technology and perpetual motivation in organization or individual entrepreneurship.

Motivation-. Motivation is connecting to man temperament. Without own interest generally no one be motivated to produce more product or service in own working place.

Latest and perpetual motivation trick towards self, organization and society goal, find through link

For fulfill more own interest of man organizationally or individually the following steps to be introduced.-

1- Take initiation from Man God of own community to become more active, good physique, more intellectual, prosperous and happy, and attend perpetual spiritual preaching conference in some intervals where scope for finding the way of “life and growth”, not death, disease, disintegration, ignorance and poverty.

2-Become deep and innovative professional attitude for getting reward or more remuneration or profit or product or service. Following to own professional seniors and imparting to juniors.

3-Create every professional and social development committees chain. Motivate to Join in own professional chain or near by any social development committee for getting more existential needs in term of materials and service in the field of communication,cultivation,food processing, drinking water,irrigation,power,road accident,corruption,woman empower, orphan care,diverse,burial,refugee settlement, domestic violence, sports,amicable,cultural,monitory fund etc.Committees would give suggestion and solution regarding sustainable development to concern department of Government or public or private sector. Make chain of each committee from village level to international level in proper way. It will help to improve social participation and individual leadership of every one.

4-Elect good and real leader in every field of society(political,community,custom,education,cultural etc.) who would nurture more for fulfill the existential needs, rather become political party, caste, creed, race, community or group sentiment.

Above simple and easy theme of motivation would reduce worldwide hostility, violence, poverty and keep sustainable development for achieve the goal of human civilization.


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